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In this website you will find enough information about the Alexander Technique to grasp its basic principles and learn about its practical aspects and applications.

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My aim is to awaken your interest and lead you to discover in which way I can help you and give you the desire to get involved in a practical way and go further and experience it first hand, which is the only way to get results.

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Release, relieve and relearn
How to improve the way you use yourself
with  the Alexander Technique

Whether you wish to control yourself better in any activity, improve your skills or learn a completely new one, deal with pain or move better, the Alexander Technique puts into question how is the best way to learn and correct yourself, and allows progress from a more reliable perception of ourselves. It can put you on the right track for any activity, if you wish to improve your golf swing or merely sit down without your usual backache.


For a life introduction to the principles of the Alexander Technique and a hands on experience of the Alexander Technique approach please register to one of the presentations or the workshops listed on the page Events.

The Alexander Technique,
a tool for change, a tool for life

Alexander discovered that something habitual in the way we think and move can interfere with our improvement and development in both the circumstances of our everyday lives and in our wider desires and aspirations. He developed his technique in order to help us bypass these habitual patterns of thought and movement, which prevent us from enjoying life to the full. Thereby freeing us from the bodily tensions, stresses and strains which make us feel sometimes that we are treading water, leading to undermined confidence and a situation where settling for less can become the norm.

During lessons in the Alexander Technique you will learn how all these habitual patterns interfere with the proper functioning of what Alexander named the Primary Control, which involves the body as a whole through the dynamic relation between your neck and your head.

Perhaps you are a musician who plays well during the rehearsal but allows your nerves to take you on a roller coaster ride during the performance. Do you find the idea of public speaking a nightmare or perhaps just lack the confidence to have a word with you boss? The Alexander Technique can help you deal with what is getting in the way of a more successful performance.

Maybe at the end of the day you feel ragged, tired and emotionally torn as so much of your energy leaked away while you were in that traffic jam or had to deal with teenage hormones. The Alexander Technique is a method for anyone who really desires to correct the way he uses himself or herself, on the physical, emotional or mental plane. It deals with the excessive muscular tensions we accumulate in our daily lives through our habitual way of dealing and responding to the demands placed upon us.

The practical procedures of the Alexander Technique find numerous applications according to one’s needs or interest. We are ourselves the first instrument we use in order to be and to do things, the level of use of ourselves is obviously of the highest importance in anything we do in life.

Here you can find some videos on the Alexander Technique:

Alexander Technique Brussels with Athanase Vettas

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