Pain and health

Alexander Technique - a lesson


When we are not well or/and in pain, we can easily slip into a less reliable sense state. The Alexander Technique will help you learn to prevent instinctive reactions to misuse and pain, and develop conscious and constructive procedures to preserve an healthy relation to yourself during illness and recovery.

Alexander Technique -neck-tensions

Neck Tensions

By the very nature of the Alexander Technique’s perspective into the use of ourselves the region of the neck is given a primary importance and  is the first one to be dealt with, before any other. The Alexander Technique sees a free neck as a sign of good poise and a primary step to improving overall conscious coordination.

Alexander Technique - back-pain

Back Pain

The Alexander Technique promotes a good use of oneself, which includes a strong and flexible spine. Back pain is often the result of either a lack of sufficient proper activity of a malcoordinated repetition of movements of the trunk. The Alexander Technique will help become better grounded for freer legs and a stronger back.

The Alexander Technique and Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

After appropriate medical diganosis and treatment, it is worth exploring the conscious use of oneself in order to overcome unnoticed habits of habitual patterns of tension which developed as a reaction to pain and impede improvement and integration of physiological use.

Alexander Technique - Migraine


Beyond medication and pain killers, what can you do to create the best conditions possible to deal with migraine ? One answer is a better use of yourself for more reliable sensations through the whole process in order to to be present and deal with the early warnings signs of the migraine.

Burn out

When in burn out and after proper diagnosis and medication it is worth seeking some relief and meaning through the body. By becoming more aware of yourself you will get use to a healthy level of functioning preventing you from slipping back in habitual misuse of yourself.

Alexander Technique - depression


After proper medical diagnosis and medication, the Alexander Technique can help you take care of yourself so that you become more familiar with a good use and awareness of yourself and less prone to be led into dark and dangerous states and seek instead an opening to the world.

Alexander Technique - trauma


Traumas change people’s life in various way. The perception of reality is always and continuously affected as traumas, to a certain extent, are part of life. The Alexander Technique helps creating in oneself a stable and constant reference helping adaptation towards an improved statef of functioning.