Leisure and Everyday Life

Alexander Technique - Everyday life and leisure - introduction

Leisure and everyday life

The way you use yourself in everyday activities will have tremendous implications in the way you do anything in other areas of human activity.

Alexander Technique - walking

Leisure and everyday life

Walking is a great opportunity to explore long standing habits of use and develop a reliable perception of ourselves and a better coordination.

The Alexander Technique and Shoppin

Leisure and everyday life

The Alexander Technique can help you deal with situations where you have to walk slowly, queue, often stop, hold something and move. And other similar situations.

The Alexander Technique and Driving

Leisure and everyday life

Being able to drive comfortably and securely implies a better of oneselves that the Alexander Technique can provide.

Alexander Technique and Sleeping

Leisure and everyday life

The quality of your sleep during the night is directly related to the quality of the use of yourselves during the day which you will explore with the Alexander Technique.