The Alexander Technique and Seeping

Questions about sleep are often asked during Alexander Technique lessons.

Which is the best sleeping position ?
What kind of pillow or mattress to buy ?
And other usual questions, easy to guess.

I cannot give a general answer to these questions.
Experts and researchers are looking into these questions.
And as is usual with experts, they will skillfully disagree with one another.

At the same time, you do not need to be an expert to know that, unless you have a neurological, hormonal or psychological problem,
you have to make sure not to get too much excitation before going to sleep, or in other words that you need a ritual of some sort to prepare you for sleep.

In the Alexander Technique, we work with individuals and their habits of use.

When there is an improvement in the general use of ourselves, there is also a general improvement in the functioning of the body.

People who are more aware of themselves are also quieter internally. It is a long process, but definitely rewarding.
And when you quieten inside yourself and are able to better listen to yourself, your sleep will improve.

Also if you are more aware of your balance, coordination, breathing and posture during the day,
during your diverse activities of the day, you will become more sensitive during your sleep of harmful sleep positions.

Having said that, during Alexander lessons you will be shown how to lie down properly without harming yourselves.

You will also be advised to lie down in the Alexander position before going to sleep in order to reset your body and prepare it for a better sleep.