The Alexander Technique and Walking

Walking is a wonderful activity. Humans are made to walk.

You might have read that if you have no other physical activity, at least one hour of walking everyday will do the job.

Walking is for many Alexander Technique pupils a good place to learn to assimilate the conscious procedue we are taught during the lessons.

Walking being natural and repetive, it is quite easy to learn to observe oneself and notice how we intefere with our natural coordination because of  ingrained habits of movement.

We discover that as we learn to walk more freely, we are at the same time becoming more aware of ourselves in other activities in our life, because the patterns of habitual use that we are encoutering during walking will be present when we start other activities.

So learning iniating walking properly in important because it will teach us a lot about balance and coordination, and a lot also about the unecessary tensions we are carrying with us all day long in anything we do.