The Human Potential

Alexander Technique applications


‘We are not concerned with life, but with living; not with being but becoming; and that, for all of us, must be the supreme experiment.” Walter Carrington (1915 – 2005 – Master Alexander Technique Teacher)

The Alexander Technique and personal development

Personal Development

In any work on ourselves, the Alexander Technique offers an increased awareness of the process of change. We learn to remain present when facing new sensations and welcome the unknown with an open mind.

The Alexander Technique and posture


The Alexander Technique deals with the self. So it necessarily deals with the body. A improved posture will be a by-product of an improved use and sense of one’s whole self opening anew to the world.

The Alexander Technique and Breathing


F.M. Alexander was once known as ‘the breathing man’. But he soon realized that the way we breath depends on the way we use our whole organism. Standing and moving better also means breathing better.

The Alexander Technique and Yoga


The Alexander Technique has a lot to offer to yoga practitioners on the individual level  to help them perform any yoga movement with the required awareness and understanding of one’s body limits.

Alexander Technique - meditation


The Alexander Technique will help any person meditating to stay in tune with the inherent vigilance and coordination required by its practice and assist in welcoming more reliable sensations.