Alexander Technique - applications-intro

Introduction – Applications

On the practical level, Alexander Technique lessons will teach how to consciously start to move with the right attitude of mind and maintain good use and awareness during and after an action, reaction or a given activity or performance.

Pain and Health

Pain and Health

With the Alexander Technique you will discover that your habitual reactions to pain and illness play a huge role in maintaining misuse. Pain can also often be alleviated or transformed by learning to move according to the human body design.

Leisure and Everyday Life

Most of us do not pay much attention to the way we move and do things in our everyday life, until we start to hurt or become less efficient. The Alexander Technique will help you become aware and deal with long standing habits underlying your difficulties.



The various professional requirements for achieving results are often leading to excessive stress, fatigue and misuse of ourselves. The Alexander Technique provides a way to stay tuned with oneself under pressure while keeping our goals in mind.

Sport and exercices

Sport and exercices

At any level, a regular physical activity, from jogging to climbing, and from golf to karate, requires a fine tuning of the body and awareness that is rarely naturally present. Most of us need to learn to access the quietness that leads to the flow.


Performance and Movement

Performers have long recognised the value of the Alexander Technique in  developing and improving their skills. They learn to  see themselves as the first instrument to learn to use with the greatest skill before learning any other skill or instrument.

Alexander Technique - The Human Potential

Human Potential

Human beings are born with a potential for consicous self-regulation. Learning detachment and quietness is of the highest value for anybody who wishes to take consciously part in the process of change and constant rediscovery of oneself.