Websites of Alexander Technique societies


  • The international network of the affiliated Alexander Technique societies (ATAS):
    by far the largest and oldest network of Alexander Technique societies

I am a teaching member of Aefmat, the Belgian association of teachers of the Alexander Technique,
which is affiliated to ATAS.
ATAS is seen as the more traditional and conservative network of associations in the Alexander world,
as is usually the case with the oldest associations.
This does not mean that you will not find very innnotive teachers in ATAS, even controversial ones.
Like with any field of education or therapy, you will have to find the teacher or therapist that you can
trust and that suits you.

National Societies members of the international network ATAS
(Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies) :

S.T.AT.-accredited neworks of teachers in the following countries

Other Alexander Technique associations

Below you will find some of the Alexander Technique associations and approaches which were created over time
by different teachers who explored the Alexander Technique in new, personal or different ways, some of them being
quite controversial (especially when dealing with online, group and hands-off teaching).
Only time will help challenge what is of real value in new perspectives.

I am listing here these associations and teachers because they do exist.
They are part of the Alexander world, however much some of them might differ from my own understanding and teaching
of the Alexander Technique.