The Alexander Technique and Back Pain

It is perhaps a sad reflection upon the way of life in the western world that a technique designed to improve the whole way of being of the individual and the use of his body as a whole living moving entity is often relegated to the simple association Alexander Technique- “Ah yes good for back pain, Mr So-and-so tried it and it worked!”

Implied herein is the notion that the Alexander Technique is a therapy and seeks to cure which is in fact entirely misrepresentative of what it is and aims to do. The Alexander Technique seeks to educate it’s pupils as to their harmful habits of breathing, movement, posture, and attitude and to give them the freedom to chose something more appropriate through the guiding hands of the teacher. If the back pain is cured because of this educational process it is not because the teacher aimed to cure it, but because the teacher helped the pupil to create the right conditions for the back pain to no longer exist. Therapeutic effects do occur, but it is important to understand how they are obtained.

The Alexander Technique means that in spite of the problems encountered by our stressful modern day living where too much of our time is spent sitting, we are constantly under pressure concerning time, and much of our day is taken up repeating the same kinds of movements which can put a strain upon our back, that we meet these criteria in the best possible condition, with the right attitude of mind and with our physical frame expanded to it’s best advantage, that it is in balance, and that our attention can be directed to consider the use of our body in any chosen activity, and of course hopefully free from back pain.