The Alexander Technique and Shopping

Even if the title of this page is about shopping, there are many other situations in life similar to the difficulties people have when going out for shopping.

When you go to visit a museum or an exhibition, for example, or spend an evening standing up in a coctail party, or when you go to a fair, in other words situations where you have to walk slowly, stop often, wait or queue standing, while pushing, pulling or holding something in your hands, all theses activities have a lot in common.

And because your attention is focused on what you are examining before buying, or concentrated on what you are looking at, the way you are moving is often not taken into consideration or given very little attention.

We tend to shift from one leg to the other, or from one position to another, hoping that that will be enough to feel better, or at least not be bothered by our bodies as we have our attention on more importants things at that moment.

We do not realize that we are often creating and maintaining our bad habits while performing simple and repetitive activities.

The Alexander Technique will teach you to be more aware of yourself while going through everyday activities like shopping and making sure that not only you don’t develop new harmful postural habits, but that the ones which have been unknowningly establishing themselves will vanish as the use of yourself will be improving.

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