Information on Individual Lessons

My working time is mainly devoted to providing individual lessons at rue Solleveld 53 – Woluwe Saint-Lambert – 1200 Brussels (first floor).

Working hours: Monday to Friday – First appointment at 8am – last at 7pm.
I sometimes also work on Saturday morning.

The cost of a lesson is 65 € and last around 45 minutes (580 € for a series of ten lessons).

I charge 50 € for younger people and students.

After an initial lesson of evaluation, a commitment to 10 lessons will be advised
in order to secure practical benefits and a basic understanding of the application of the Alexander Technique principles.

If you have financial concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me to find out about further possible arrangements.

Contact : and 0477 29 10 53

Information on Introductory Talks

Unless otherwise specified, introductory talks usually take place at rue Solleveld 53 – 1200 Brussels and cost 5€ (see events below).

The main purpose of my talks is to give you the opportunity to come and meet me and have a practical hands on experience of the Alexander Technique.

That way you will be able to find out if my way of working suits you.

At the same time it is the ideal place to ask your questions freely and find out if you might consider to go further and discover what the Alexander Technique might have to offer you.

You are also welcome if it is just curiosity that brings you here, as reading about it on internet, watching videos on You Tube or listening to other people’s experience cannot replace a personal hands on experience and might even be misleading sometimes as to the real nature of the work.

I am also welcoming propositions for introductory talks to groups of a minimum 6 people at a place of your choice.

Contact : and  0477 29 10 53


I am available for presentations of the Alexander Technique to larger and more specific audiences (scientific, artistic, medical, sportsmen,…) or to the general public.

Contact: and 0477 29 10 53

Information on Workshops

I am organizing small introductory workshops or thematic workshops for 8 participants maximum  several times a year where no previous experience in the Alexander is needed (see Calendar below).

In 2019, most workshops will take place at the (Villa François Gay, near Square Montgomery

I am also available for more targeted or longer workshops, and also for larger groups together with other colleagues.

Contact : and 0477 29 10 53

Professional Workshops for Body and manuel Practitioners 

I am also, on demand, leading workshops for manual and movement therapists and teachers, where I can help them become more aware in the use of themselves and the use of their hands while working on their patients or teaching movement.

Physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, occupational therapists, reiki, shiatsu practitioners …
Movement, dance, tai-chi, yoga teachers …

Contact: and 0477 29 10 53

Workshops for Trainees or Students

I am also available for workshops on the use of the body and the hands for students in professional training schools (hairdressers, tailors, etc …).

Contact: and 0477 29 10 53