Hobby et travail : introduction

With the Alexander Technique you will learn how important it is to keep a constant conscious proper use of yourself in order to prevent harmful habits, postural or any others, to take over during stressful or tiring situations.
The way we use ourselves is a determining factor to bring into consideration in any situation : during the long hours in front of the computer or while sitting during a meeting, coping with dead lines, dealing with our bosses or our colleagues, repeating over and over similar, movements, driving during the rush hours or over long distances, etc.

The same thing stands for the time we spend enjoying our free time. Leisure time is supposed to relax us, to allow us to reconnect with ourselves or simply to keep us in good shape. Often the opposite happens instead. We end up more tired and stressed, victims of long term habits that we are so often unaware of. To bend down to pick up leaves or to hammer some nails, spend hours leaning in front of a painting or helping our young child to learn to ride a bicycle, etc., all these pleasurable activities can become in time source of frustration rather enjoyment.

Good use of oneself in all circumstances makes the difference. We have the choice of either to remain slaves or our habitual patterns of reaction and movement and keep on repeating and reinforcing the causes of our stress or pains, or to apply the procedures of the Alexander Technique which will allow us to handle better the way we move and react, and make us more capable of detecting the causes of our difficulties.

An interview with Karen Krueger

Karen Krueger practiced law in New York City for 25 years before training at ACAT to become an Alexander Technique teacher.

She is the author of the recently published book A Lawyer’s Guide to the Alexander Technique: Using  Your Mind-Body Connection to Handle Stress, Alleviate Pain, and Improve Performance (ABA Publishing).

Karen G. Krueger website