Sport et exercises – introduction

The application of the practical procedures of the Alexander Technique makes it possible to recognize, to stimulate and to maintain a good neuromuscular coordination during any physical exercise or sport.

Although the Alexander Technique itself is not a sport it has a lot to offer to any person involved in sport or physical activity. It will help with posture, balance and better sensory appreciation of movement.

It is first of all a preventive technique which helps to prepare oneself better before moving by preventing wrong habits to interfere with desired or necessary movements. It will also help to correct misconception and change bad habits.

This preparation begins already in everyday life, in everyday movements. In the ability to move better of more freely all the time. This will bring a better knowledge of oneself in movement and will make it possible to deal with more demanding situations like the ones many sports offer; where more strength, precision, endurance or speed is required and where control of oneself is vital and mistakes and inefficiency can be fatal.