La Technique Alexander et l’ordinateur

Office work has undergone some very radical changes during recent years with the widespread use of the computer. Rather than taking a walk to use the photo copier or to go and chat with a colleague working in another office, you tend to click on the mouse in order to print a document and send and e-mail to your colleague. Far from being restful for us these labour saving devices in fact mean longer working hours without the small breaks which allow a movement of the whole body, and therefore our chances of developing the physical symptoms of work related stress are greatly increased.

Of course a good chair, a correct desk height for each individual and a well placed keyboard can help reduce some of the strain placed upon our bodies by the constant and repetitive tapping the keyboard and clicking the mouse, but these external factors do not address how you use your body whilst you sit pushing little buttons all day. You can have the latest top of the range ergonomic equipment and still compress your spine with every tap, tense your arm with every click, curve over the desk craning your neck to look at the screen, and slump in a seat which was made to measure. Over time these habits lead to joint compression, inflammation and a narrowing of the channels through which nerve impulses travel. When these impulses can’t get through the limbs weaken and the coordination of the body as a whole is undermined.

An Alexander Technique teacher is an expert in observing the movement habits that cause strain and can guide you through new more appropriate movements thereby addressing the cause of many of your back pains, shoulder problems, tension headaches, and repetitive strains or carpal tunnel syndrome which is unknowingly self inflicted and contained in your movement style. Through a series of lessons to free your postural and breathing mechanisms from the interference of unhelpful habits you are given with the Alexander Technique the ability to change your movement style for the better.

The Alexander Technique is a holistic method for soothing the entire system and freeing it from stress related disorders and postural defects, thus improving your concentration and endurance which makes you more effective on the job, feeling more comfortable, and with more energy left at the end of the day.