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I had a horrendous migraine, with hallucinations and severe neck pains, dizzines, vertigo… BPV. 12 doctors gave me different possible causes. Mostly, that the migraine was the cause. I knew it had to be the neck. Finally, an osteopath in Brussels told me that the problem came from tension in the neck, laterals and cervicals which compressed the cranial aorta. I continue treatment but am very interested to know your views on the benefits of your treatments /program for somebody with my ‘tension’: Symptoms, bad equilibrium, some dizziness, neck and shoulder ache, cracking inside ears and migraines…..etc! Thank you.

Unles I see you I cannot tell you for sure how much you can be helped by applying the Alexander Technique. Nevertheless, I have some experience with people suffering from tensional migraine and know  I can help. Best regards.