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If I practice yoga seriously, will I be releived of bad posture, depression, and start feeling better about it all?

You are not on a site on yoga. This is a site devoted to the Alexander Technique. Having said that, when we practice anything  seriously many improvements take place. But what does seriously mean? When you go seriously into something, it means that you have to be completely open in order to be able not to rely on habitual patterns of thought of movement in order to do new procedures. And this is not obvious. It is not difficult, but it is not obvious, because we have to use ourselves in order to change ourselves. You can chose yoga or any approach, it does not matter. You will be still be using yourself while practicing yoga. So what is important is not what you practice, but how you practice, with which attitude, and which aim in mind, for what purpose. If you expect everything from yoga nothing will happen, because yoga does not exist, you create it. If you expect everything from yourself, everything becomes possible. And then yoga will be beneficial for you.