The Alexander Technique and arthritis

Whilst the cause of arthritis is a complex issue, mechanical and neuromuscular factors play a significant role in the progression and severity of symptoms.

Exercising in water can be very beneficial in cases of heavy weight bearing whereby a person moves too forcefully, quickly and heavily for his muscles to be able to contract in time to cushion the shock of the weight, but the Alexander Technique proposes a way to gain ease, lightness and support on land, and not just during periods of exercise but extending this attention given to the bodily welfare during ordinary everyday activities.

A distorted kinaesthetic sense can lead to untimely and unbalanced muscle force production which places the joints at risk of trauma and this distorted sense also means that many people are unaware that they are moving themselves in an injurious manner. The Alexander Technique offers a retraining of a distorted kinaesthetic sense, requiring of the brain to sense, interpret, and utilize new sensory input. It offers a method of learning how to move with more confidence, greater ease, lightness and freedom without exceeding the margins of joint safety


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